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This was the last year I really enjoyed the hobby a lot.

New from Fleer: Avant, Flair Final Edition, Patchworks and Thowbacks.
Skybox returned with sets called LE and Autographics, although not composed of autographs anymore.
Topps added two pointless reissues of the basic set- 1st Edition, which was the same set as the basic cards with a small 1st Edition logo in foil on the cards, and Factory Set, which was the same basic cards with gold foil instead of silver foil. At least the Factory Set added some new cards. Topps also added Bazooka, Contemporary Collection and Rookie Matrix. Topps Jersey Edition was made up entirely of jersey cards, but unfortunatly the set was not numbered. Bowman/Bowman's Best was restructured to be essentially three sets in one pack- several basic Bowman cards, 2 Bowman Chrome and 1 Bowman Gold card per pack.
Upper Deck added Rookie Exclusives, Standing O, Triple Dimensions and Exquisite Collection, where a single "pack" of 5 cards (actually a wooden box) cost $500. Stupid me saved up a few months and bought one. Stupid me quickly felt ripped off.

All scans are of items in my collection. Not for sale.

2003-04 Bowman Signature #040 (1)

Uploaded: May 01, 2016