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I really started to lose interest this year, and my streak of having at least one card from every set ends, I believe, during this season. I simply can't recall at this point.
I'm not sure if these were all of the new additions from this season but:
Fleer added Sweet Sigs and Throwbacks, Upper Deck added Diamond Collection Pro Sigs (a stupid name for a set, in my opinion), replaces Black Diamond), ESPN and R-Class (short for Rookie, which became the "in" thing to base a set around after the lockout) Topps added Total, which was actually a reall cool set, the way that they should have been. If more sets were done like this and not the gimmick of the week, I might not have quit...or at least, at that time...I would have eventually due to lack of funds to buy new cards.

All scans are of items in my collection. Not for sale.

2004-05 Hoops #112 (1)

Uploaded: December 01, 2016