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In September 2011, I decided that I would get some cards again- but only a very little bit, mainly what was marked down into the dollar bin at Target. This was spurred on by how much I enjoyed the playoffs of the 2010-11 season, and how much fun I've been having sorting and scanning the collection I built up from 96-06.
I don't have the funds to buy boxes all the time anymore, which, unfortunatly for me, is all that my local shop stocks, so it seems likely that it will be a rare treat for me add to the collection.

My mom brought me a random pack as a surprise in very late 2010, which was the first pack I'd done since roughly November of 2006. It was my first pack from Italian company Panini, which, stupidly in my opinion, the NBA gave exclusive rights to. After seeing how badly that has affected NASCAR cards, I know from experience that a single company doing cards in the modern era for a sport is a very bad idea, although from what little I've seen from Panini, their basic set design is of good quality.

All scans are of items in my collection, and are not for trade or sale.

2009-10 Upper Deck #055 (1)

Uploaded: April 01, 2016