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Minor League Hockey

Truly surprised I never got into professional hockey. I loved floor hockey in school, I enjoyed roller hockey when it was on ESPN, I enjoy field hockey in the Olympics, but I never got into the NHL. I only have 4 hockey cards at the time of this captioning (5/1/14) making it the least I have of any of the sports I don't collect-but still have cards of anyway.

Update: On January 31st, 2015, I was given over 2500 hockey cards, moving it from ranking 6th my collection to 3rd! (in terms of sports by how many I have)

Update 2: Broke out hockey into individual season albums and repurposed this one to minor league sets on 1/29/2017. By Minor league I mean anything not NHL.

All scans are of cards in my collection. Not for sale or trade.

2007-08 In the Game Between the Pipes #036 (1)

Uploaded: January 01, 2019