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Family Farm
Beekeeping / Gardening - Farming / Happy Hens Poultry Farm / Wine-Making / and all sorts of related projects!!!
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Family Photo's from both sides of the Pond!!!
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Fitness First!!!
It is easy to neglect our minds and bodies in the rush of everyday challenges and our modern busy day schedule.

We have to constantly remind ourselves the importance of eating right, resting right, excersising right, paying attention to the needs of our bodies, minds and souls while balancing everyday hurdles.

Otherwise, how will we keep doing all the things we love to do and for a long time...

This Folder Contains Albums of Some of my practices for living a healthful, satisfying and fruitful life... Perhaps you can develop your own enduring and healthful lifestyle.

Music to go along is here --->

Peace and Cheers!!!
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Home Photos, Daaahhh---aaaaaaaaa!!!
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A Shoe Box Collection of Albums
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You Have to Enjoy Yourself!!! Smile '-)))
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Friends Fair
Friends Photo's from Around the World!!!
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Beekeeping in Nicaragua 2015
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