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Items Friends have Sent or Given me.

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Items Friends have Sent or Given me.
Aug 22, 2008

Thanks so much!!! It's Great to Have Friends!!!

Cheers!!! Gary G. Schempp

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These photos were sent to me via email. I claim no rights to these.
California Fires Oct 2007
Oct 25, 2007

The photos in this album were sent to my by a friend in California via email, (thankyou Kay and Connie). They are not my photos. I am not sure of their origin. I am posting them to show my friends all over the world what the fires of Oct. 2007 have done.
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Some Facts:
1. 1800 homes and counting have been destroyed.
2. The fires encompass over 753 Square Miles which is 3 times the size of New York City.
3. There are 8900 + Firefighters fighting the Fires.
4. There are over a dozen huge individual fires.
5. Fires were started mostly by damage caused by heavy winds, arson is suspected as the cause of some.

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