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Italy Aug. 1999

Trekking Italy in August and September 1999

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Cinque Terre, Italy
Aug 24, 1999

2 Days and 3 Nights in the Cinque Terre, Italy, starting at Riomaggiore and hiking to Manarola then Corniglia. The Next Day I took the Milk Train all the way to Monterosso and hiked back to Vernazza on the foot path. I Hope You Enjoy this Little Adventure,,, GaryGS1...Ciao!!!

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The Beginning of a Great Friendship!!! Meeting Soji Karasawa (and Yuya) in Italy August 1999.
Sep 5, 1999

I met Soji Karasawa and Yuya on a train going from Siena to Rome, August 1999. We sat across from each other in the train seating.

Neither of us spoke each others language so I pulled out my Franklin 14 language translator and saw that Japeneese was one of the languages.

After passing our little communicator back and forth for an hour we became formally introduced '-)))

In 2003 we visited each other in our home countries!!!

The link for Soji's visit to America Feb. 2003 is here --->
The link to my visit to Japan July 2003 is here --->

For a short story, click on the first photo in the album and refer to the subtitles as they continue from photo to photo.

Happy Trails / Gary G. Schempp

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