Kite Fests, Events and Stuff
Often with the WACKOS, sometimes without, here are some kite festivals, trade shows, family trips, etc. where I've had a good time...
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Travel and other not-kites stuff
I know, many of the folks visiting here will not understand the concept of pictures NOT of kites.... Just assorted other stuff...
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AKA Convention
Pictures from the AKA National Conventions at Ocean City, MD, and Des Moines, IA, Ocean SHores, WA and Gettysburg, PA.
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Mega Flag Albums
The Mega Flag: the World's Largest Kite. There are three of these kites: one belongs to Kuwait's Al Farsi family, one belongs to David and Susan Gomberg in USA. A third has been built for Mr. Modegi of Japan. I fly the American one for the Gombergs.
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Kite "Collections"
Kite I made or have...
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miniature kites
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Kites I Made

Hopefully soon I'll get time to put some pics in here!

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Impressively BIG, lightweight lights for kites -- night fly!

I've been using these Halloween "light wands," sold under various names, for night-flying kites for awhile now. They are BIG, lightweight and put on a great show. They have different settings, allowing you to change colors.

In the past week, I have seen them for sale in RiteAid drug stores, they generally have one display case of 6 or 8 pieces, for something over $2.00 each.

I have rarely seen them for other holidays, and rumor has they are sold for raves, with no shrink wrap on them. It looks like some of the rave ones just have one color, when shopping online watch for that. I have seen some with a red, white and blue LED inside, and some with red,white and green.

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My "Kite SHow"

Some of the kites I can toss in a bag and bring to an event (up to the baggage allowance!)

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