CALABRUIX escuela de danza folklórica tradicional de Mallorca - España

The School of dance tipic of Mallorca “ Calabruix” was created by a group of friends with the main aim of preserving and disseminating the most important aspects of a popular culture of Mallorca people "Ball de Pagès” without forgetting the research in the field of music, dance and costume. The School is in the term of Llucmajor.
We mainly dedicate teaching traditions of folklore and dance Mallorquí organizing workshops and participating in folk dances, folk events, activities related to popular culture Balear. The music, instruments and dress is traditional of Mallorca.
Our instructors have to learn Mallorcan dances taught courses in Mallorca, such as, boleros, Jotas, fandangos Mallorca, fandangos mirall, contradansas, etc.
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