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-Ipomoea:From the Greek ips 'a worm', and homoios 'like, thus, like a worm',
referring to the twining habit of the plant's growth.
アサガオ Ipomée

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Ipomoea holubii

Author:Baker 1894.
Habitat:Southern Africa.
Synonym: Turbina holubii A. Meeuse 1958.

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Ipomoea pubescens

-BLM53 San Luis Potosi Mexico.
Author:Lamarck 1791.
Habitat:Mexico to Paraguay.
Synonyms:Ipomoea heterophylla,
Pharbitis pubescens,
Convolvulus pubescens,
Batatas pubescens.
Pop names:Silky Morning Glory.

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Ipomoea sp

SPECKS 1882 Tanzania
-white flower with purple centre.