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Echinopsis eyriesii

Author: (Turp.) Zucc.
Family: Cactaceae.
Habitat: Southern Brazil to Argentina.
Synonym: Echinopsis turbinata, Echinopsis pudantii, Echinopsis eyriesii var. pudantii, Echinocactus eyriesii, Cereus eyriesii, Cereus turbinatus

-The genus name 'Echinopsis' derives from the Greek word 'echinos' meaning 'porcupine or hedgehog','sea urchin' and the word 'opsis' meaning'appearance,seeing, like 'referring to the spines that cover the plant as it looks like a rolled up hedgehog.

-Studies in the 1970s and 1980s resulted in several formerly separate genera being absorbed into Echinopsis:
Acantholobivia, Acanthopetalus, Andenea, Aureilobivia,
Chamaecereus, Chamaelobivia, Cinnabarinea, Echinolobivia, Echinonyctanthus,
Furiolobivia, Helianthocereus, Heterolobivia, Hymenorebulobivia, Hymenorebutia,
Leucostele, Lobirebutia, Lobivia, Lobiviopsis, Megalobivia, Mesechinopsis,
Neolobivia, Pilopsis, Pseudolobivia , Rebulobivia,
Salpingolobivia, Scoparebutia, Setiechinopsis, Soehrensia, Trichocereus.

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Echinopsis eyriesii
Echinopsis eyriesii
Echinopsis eyriesii
Echinopsis eyriesii