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Pelecyphora strobiliformis -c

Author:(Werderm.) Fric & Schelle 1935.
Synonyms:Ariocarpus strobiliformis,
Encephalocarpus strobiliformis.
Habitat: Mexico,Chihuahuan desert-Nuevo León,San Luis Potosí,Tamaulipas.

-Pelecyphora: Derived from the Greek 'pelekys' meaning axe and 'phoros' meaning bearing and reflects the appearance of the plant.
-Encephalocarpus:The name comes from three Greek words 'en' meaning in, 'kephale' which signifies head and 'karpos' meaning fruit and probably referring to the fruit that, like the flowers are produced in the crown or head of the plant.

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Pelecyphora strobiliformis -c
Pelecyphora strobiliformis -c
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Pelecyphora strobiliformis -c
Pelecyphora strobiliformis -c