Red Fox Den 2 (2010)

APRIL 2010 - New photos from a different fox den! The den is under lakeside boulders and we're hoping to be able to spot the fox in the future. So far we've just got a quick look at the kits. Hopefully we'll see them again and add more photos. The male is bushy and beautiful:)
MAY 2010 : We spotted the male delivering dinner again and this time the kits are coming out of the den. The male definitely looks a bit ragged with several reasons attributing to it. He hunts fairly far from the den and has been delivering food several times a day for many weeks. It's also been 4-5 weeks since the last photos and he is shedding the heavy winter coat. The kits are beautiful and appear to be quite active and healthy.
JUNE 2010: We've been able to see the kits several times this month and it's great to be able to see them grow. The parents aren't around much and the kits are ranging farther from then den as they learn to hunt.
JULY 2010: It's been about five weeks since the last photos and the kits have changed dramatically. They've thinned out with their growth spurt and are very long limbed and lean as they mature. Though some of the photos look like serious fighting it appeared to be friendly with no injury.

Cindy Donegan

April Fox Series #3

Taken: April 17, 2010
Uploaded: April 21, 2010
Captured with:
Canon EOS 30D