Red Fox Den 1 (2009)

I'm extremely excited about having the opportunity to observe a pair of Red Foxes and their five kits. It's awesome to watch them interact and play. The male is keeping the female and kits well fed with regularly meal deliveries such as voles, squirrel and woodchuck. The kits quickly take the catch into the den and then come out and play with Dad for a bit.
Unfortunately, within a week of photographing the foxes, they moved on. The kits were old enough for the adult female to leave the den to hunt and she relocated the family. As the weather warmed up there were many dog walkers quite close to the den hidden among lakeshore rocks and boulders.

Cindy Donegan

Red Fox Series #29

The adult male has a beautiful fluffy tail which the kits love to attack. His coat does show some wear and tear, and small injuries from his hunting expeditions are noticeable.

Taken: April 26, 2009
Uploaded: May 15, 2009
Captured with:
Canon EOS 10D