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Barris - Hollywood Kustom Accessories

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Barris Hollywood Kustom Line

I think its always neat to find those small little facts when it comes to Custom Car history. Some o ...more

f those are really amazing, others are just small details that do not really matter, but are still neat to come across.
When I was browsing some of my old little magazines I came across some full pages ads of the Barris Kustom Accessories line, and when I was reading it i noticed that the address on it was a different address than the well known Atlantic Blvd where the Barris shop was located in the 1950's. This 1953 ad in Rod & Custom showed an ad with the 724 North Lake Street address in Burbank California. So I looked in my Barris Hollywood Kustom catalog and see that it has the Atlantic Blvd Lynwood address. I searched some more and food other full page ads for the Barris Hollywood Kustom Accessory line and found out that in 1954 the address was now the same as the Barris shop location. So apparently Barris used a different address, or perhaps only a mailing address for the first year or so this Hollywood Kustom Line was started. We know that later in the mid 1950's the building next to the Barris shop was used as a store for the Kustom Hollywood line products. And I do not think before that there was actually a store where you could buy the products in the early 1950's. As far as I know it was a mail order only thing.

Anyway I never knew they used a different address for this Hollywood Kustom Line… not really important, but just one of those little things thats just nice to read about.

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