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Barris/Gaylord Shop Tour

Long story short, some friends and I were up in Long Beach buying some more whitewalls at Lucas and ...more

decided afterwards to head over to Lynwood to see the Barris shop on Atlantic Ave.

The last time I went it was at night and my pictures were horrible because I only had my cellphone.

So here are some pictures of the 11054 Atlantic Ave. Barris shop and right up the street on the same side is the old Gaylord Top Shop at 11254 Atlantic.

A lot has changed in this area since all of the kustom cars were roaming the streets and alleyways, but it is still very kool to check out...

I hope you enjoy,

From photo #13...

Here are some shots of the old Gaylord Top Shop back in the day and how it looked when I took pictures of it yesterday. Notice the adress is the same, though the facade has been "updated". The curb along the street still has a driveway where the cars once drove into the shop for work. The building now has two small shops up front and the inside still had the old poles for the roof that I have seen in old pictures.

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