'55 Chevy custom cars

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'55 Chevy Customs
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    1955 Chevrolet, Miss Elegance

    1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 150/210

    1955 Chevrolet Bel Air custom designed and named ..Miss Elegance.. ...more

    by the late Paul Savelesky, a man who believed that he could do anything he set his mind. Many who are avid readers of Rod & Custom, Hot Rod, Car Craft, Custom Chevies, Street Rodder, Best of Hot Rod and Cruzin, to name a few, will certainly remember this GEM! Miss Elegance was entered into over 80 car shows all over the western United States, winning 1st place in all and majority of the time took more than one first place trophy per show (trophies to show for it.) The most memorable one was the Seattle World's Fair in 1962. In this show it took two firsts! One was for ..Radical Semi Custom H.T., other was for ..Best Upholstery... These very rare and highly competitive and coveted award trophies from the Seattle World's fair of 1962 go with the lucky bidder of ..Miss Elegance."

    The following are words penned by the widow of Paul Savelesky, Anna V. Savelesky:

    "Paul was a quiet guy, polite and kind. He didn't say much about what he felt but after he got the car back, he mentioned having a dream about driving it and wake up thinking, "Gee, that was sure nice of that guy!" When he recovered the car, his wildest dream came true. It was incredibly unlikely to get the car back after 40 years and find it still in restorable condition. The joy he felt kept him going through the pain and rigors of chemo and radiation therapy. He determined to bring his beloved car back to its former beauty. He was pleased and proud when he was young, to win the awards that he did. His first efforts didn't win anything so he accepted the challenge to make his car the best of its time. The fact that he was one of the leaders in a dynamic trend in auto improvement was good but not the be all end all. He wanted to prove he could do what people said couldn't be done. When he put a television in his car, most people didn't even have them in their homes. At the time he built this car, he wanted to built a car that did not exit before. The fact that he was a trend setter with visions that influenced auto design continuing through the present day was not his driving force. The fact that this type of design was later designated a new art form called the "Kandy Kolored Baroque" didn't drive him. When you to purchase "Miss Elegance" you will buy a one of a kind sculpture piece which represents this art form as well as a piece of a genius's life."

    The creator of this fine custom classic, Paul Savelesky, passed away in the fall of 2007. In his battle with cancer he was able to say to himself, ..I have succeeded in my dreams for my classic blue baby, Miss Elegance... In his surprise and unexpected reuniting of his blue baby, he was able to recreate it back to its original condition and color, only he was able to improve in its updated color schemes and make it fresh and clean for the next owner. It is the family's desire to pass this on to a caring and trusted person that will be able to show to the auto enthusiasts of the next generation. What you see is what can happen if you let your imagination run wild and follow through with your dreams to make it the best you can make it with all your heart and soul. This is what Paul Savelesky did!

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    1955 Chevy Four Door Custom

    The current owner of this car is looking for info regarding her original builder. He would like to r ...more

    estore her from when she left the custom shop in 1958. The car now resides in sunny Arizona and is enjoying the great weather. Any and all help would be appreciated.
    wayOUT weST


    1955 Chevrolet 4-Door Sedan. This car was originally built in 1958 --- basic stock. Cruises at 70 mph with one hand. The top has been chopped 3-1/2", shaved door handles, slammed 1957 Lincoln headlights, 1956 Packard tail lights, rear bumper is a 1956 Chevrolet Wagon. Louvered hood, vinyl top, fender skirts, lake pipes, custom grille.
    Pearl White with a vinyl top.
    The interior is Black vinyl, Diamond Tuck, and was originally constructed in 1959. Features massive swivel bucket seats that look more like living room easy chairs. Headliner, door panels and rear deck are Black vinyl as well. Black carpeting front to rear including trunk, which features an interior release mechanism. Spare, jack and tools are available. This car has an interesting history, and was featured in Hot Rod Magazine Custom Car Special Edition, July 1984

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    55 Chevy Mozambique

    Owned and built by Robert Horn of Cincinnati Ohio.

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    Dan Peterson 1955 Chevy

    Built by the Austin Speed Shop for Dan Peterson
    Interior was upholstered by Fat Lucky's


    And paint was done by Hot Dog.

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    Earls Pearl 1955 Chevy
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    Jerry Weigner 1955 Chevy
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