1960's built 1961 Ford Customs

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1961 Ford Custom Howard Gribble

Words by Howard Gribble:
The Don Loster 1959 Ford Galaxie painted by Larry Watson car had a great i ...more

nfluence on my first real attempt at customizing. I believe the LB show was on the weekend of Halloween, which would be late October. Within the next couple of months I would modify my 1961 Ford Starliner as shown in the attached pics. The influence of the Don Loster Galaxie is apparent. The tail lights are deeply tunneled, about 18 inches actually. I figured if some is good, some more must be better (and I could always move them out if necessary). I think '57 Ford headlight rings were used at the the outer ends of the tunnels. The tips of the small fins are reversed to slant forward, also a feature on the Loster car. I went to Larry Watson's shop (the same one shown in the magazine photos) and bought enough pearl green to paint the dash. Think it was $10. But it was obvious the color wouldn't even be close to the beautiful Lime I'd seen so we added a bunch more pearl. Eventually the area between the tail lights would have three straight tubular bars to match the grille in front. The headlight rings were formed by molding the '61 Ford's tail light housing into the body. It was a very tasteful custom and would be painted metal-flake green. I'd have painted it Lime pearl if I'd had enough confidence that my painter could do it. The car was in one show in January of '66 and then was wrecked when a truck ran a red light. I sold the wrecked car to a friend. He acquired another Starliner and used the custom pieces salvaged from mine to construct essentially the same car. The two color photos were taken at the Sports Arena show in the early '70s. And show the end result of this car. Note that the tail lights are tunneled but not the ridiculous 18 inches I'd had on my car.

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