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37 Ford Customs from the 1940's-50's

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'40's-'50's 37 Ford Custom Cars
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    37 Ford Convertible

    This chopped padded top custom was built in 1946-47. Photos from the 1badnov collection

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    37 Ford with Auburn body
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    Edward Littlefield 1937 Ford Convertible

    From the site
    Edward “Eddie” Littlefield was 23 years old and the owner of this cool l ...more

    ooking 1937 Ford when this shot was taken in Bend, Oregon in 1940 (MLC_084). Ed had purchased the car from Ray Brothers Ford in the Fernando Valley at the corner of Van Nuys and Chandler Boulevards. What makes the car cool is that one of the Ray Brothers’ sons initially owned the car, had in chopped, and added the Carson top and saved Ed a lot of work. Some accessories that came with the deal included the radio antenna, the OEM Ford spot light that cost $15.75 installed, Fog lights, a Silver finish Radiator shield to keep the heat in in the cool Oregon weather at $1.25, rear fender shields (we call them skirts) at $8.50 a pair, installed, a rear trunk rack at $7.50 and aftermarket wheel discs.The outer bumper bars are another aftermarket product patterned after ’40 Chrysler guards and the center bars might of been off a Cad although the bumper guards look like they’ve been modified. All and all, it’s one nice package. Now for the bad news. Ed and his bud were making one of their L.A. to Bend trips and Ed got tired so his buddy slid behind the wheel while Ed was getting some shut-eye. The unthinkable happened and the driver fell asleep while the car left the road and destroyed itself. Luckily they both escaped alive. You never know what you’ll find out unless you ask.

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    Glenn Johnson's '37 Ford coupe

    Very interesting custom car, completely owner built by Glen at his Las Vegas, nevada home. The car a ...more

    s it was show at the GNRS is now owned by Car collector Joe Bortz. But it was Glenn Johnson himself who restored the car in the late 1990's to how it used to look in 1951.
    Glenn was inspired to built the car when his friend Carl Gratz had bought a custom 1936 Ford 5-window coupe that used to belong to Tommy Jamiesson and Bob Campbell, with body work by Howard Fall. Glenn wanted to built something similar and used a 1937 Ford coupe as a base. It was back in 1947 when Glenn started working on the car. He chopped to top 4 inches front and a little more in the back to give it a better flow. The panel between the trunk and rood was stretched to compensate for the now shorter top. The running boards were removed and the body channeled over the frame until the bottom of the body sat level with the bottom of the frame. The front and rear fenders were raised and repositioned to compensate for the body drop and molded to the main body. New hood sides were fabricated to fill the now much smaller openings. Pieces of the original panels were combined with new shaped panels to form one unit filling in the original top portion of the grille. This unit was later welded to the cowl. At the front Glenn heavily modified a 1947 Cadillac grille to fit the new lines of the car. The stock headlights were replaced with 1940 Ford units and a 1941 Cadillac front bumper was installed. At the rear a split bumper of a 1946 DeSoto was installed 46-48 Ford taillights were mounted on the splash pan just below the DeSoto rear bumper. When the car was almost finished it caught fire and he lost most of the interior, and perhaps even more important all the lead worked. Glenn moved to Glendale and redid the car while he lived there. Glenn worked on the car from 1947 till 1951 using only primitive tools in his own garage and backyard and eventually finished it in ruby maroon. The car was in several magazines including the Restyle your car booklet from 1952, and the most important on the cover and with a long feature story in Hot Rod magazine of April 1952.

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