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'52-54 Ford custom cars

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  • © see info on the photos. (Rik Hoving Kustoms)
    Al Pairish 1954 Ford Skyliner

    Body: 1954 Ford Skyliner. Lowered 1 1/2 inches front, and 3 inches rear.
    Body seams filled, hoo ...more

    d corners rounded, emblems removed, bumpers filled and smoothed,
    and hand crafted flush fit and contoured fender skirts.
    Taillights are 1960 Chrysler Imperial, and the fender was extended 3/4 inches to facilitate the lens to be vertically flush with bumper.
    Grille was hand fabricated using a 1953 Holden bar as the base, that was "stretched" six inches in the center
    with additional "teeth" added, and the ends filled and rounded.
    Indicator lights are backup lights from a 1964 Ford Galaxy that were machined to fit 1967 VW bezels, which were cut down to mount on the Holden bar.
    Headlights are 1957 Oldsmobile. Mirrors are 1961 Ford Galaxy, and hubcaps are 1955 Buick with a Ford centerpiece.
    Notice that the indicator lights, hubcaps, mirrors, and taillights all match, even though they all came from different models of different vintages.
    The color is my own hand mixed version that is similar to the original Ford Cameo Coral and Sandstone White.
    It is a four stage color featuring white pearl accents.
    Door handles are 1990 Infiniti, flush mounted, and the locks are pneumatically operated.

    Engine: Mildly modified 1976 Ford 302 V8, with C-4 automatic trans.

    Drive Train: 1979 Cadillac differential, 2.28 : 1 ratio, with disc brakes.

    Accessories: Power steering, power disc brakes,late model Ford/Sony sound system. Stock Ford interior. Full set of analog gauges.

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    Candy Gold '54 Ford mild Custom
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    Celeste-Axle Idzardi 1954 Ford

    Frenched headlights, smoothed front fender sides,rounded hood corners,complete restructured grille s ...more

    urround - including stainless, stock 54 grille restructured - center section completely fabricated and smoothed, round end parking lights were filled, Frenched 54 Packard tail lights, nosed,decked,shaved, front bumper guard indentations and license plate slots were filled, and on the rear bumper i
    "C notched" two holes at the lower bottoms, welded round stock around the holes, then built up major welds - all grinded for a clean smooth finish. The exhaust protrudes out each hole. It might of taken experts like Fabian Valdez 5 minutes to do what took me days in some area's but i tried to do as much myself - as possible. I shot the car Urethane "refrigerator white" on the roof, and shot the rest of the car Hot Rod Flatz Mint Green. Tires are 6.70x15 Firestones mounted on McVey's Cadillac Sombrero's.
    The upholstery was done in TJ one week ago in Jade green,soft white - we went with white square stitching and jade green buttons. Carpet was ordered from a place in Georgia - medium green loop nylon. Headliner is soft white with jade green piping. Still working on final touches and we burnt the midnight oil just to get it ready for the 2010 GNRS.

    Thanks to the following for giving a hand in building the car - Octavio, Fabian Valdez, Jared Kays, Mark Idzardi.

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    Green '53 60's styled coupe
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    Kripfink 1954 Panel

    Paul "Kripfink" a bike, car and most of all a custom car enthusiast from England.
    After Paul had a ...more

    serious accident in 2003 he had helpt from his wife Jane and his best friends Jeff and Karen to turn this old 1954 Ford Panel into the Kripple Kart. A kind of transportation that Paul felt would fit him and his weheel chair much better than any of the known alternatives.

    Jim Turnbull and Julie Ware at Royal Kustoms. With Paul's imagination, their considerable skills and some help from Gary Powell, Jeff Marshall, Joe Gaddy, ’Tootall’ Paul, Tim Harrison & his son Danny they built a Kustom.
    She’ll never be period perfect, as my disability requires too many creature comforts, but I like to think she in some way captures the spirit of late fifties/early sixties show Kustomising in a daily driver.

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    Michael Ramirez 1952 Ford
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    Tore Persson's 1954 Ford

    Started by Per Webb from an four door sedan.
    Torre Persson bought the unfinished project and performed most of the body work.

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