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American Custom Car

Still the best book ever about the history on Custom Cars. A Pat Ganahl Maserpiece.

Author: Pat ...more


Among the hardest core of American automotive enthusiasts there has always existed a desire to press automotive styling and performance a step further than the showroom floor -- a need to truly craft an automobile of one's own.

This photographic and cultural history of the American custom car examines the evolution of this phenomenon from the 1930s to present, covering touchstone trends, influential builders (Barris, Roth, Coddington, et al), significant auto shows, vital enthusiast magazines and regional variations in styling.

An expansive collection of rare period photography and exclusive modern shots also helps illustrate how Detroit influenced the styling of customs (and vice versa), the explosion of the custom car scene after World War II and the factors which led to the custom's near-death in the 1960s and its resurgence in the '80s. But most of all, this comprehensive chronicle is a showcase of the great cars and people who influenced the movement through the years.
Format: Softbound
Pages: 168
Length: 10w x 10h
ISBN-13: 9780760324479
ISBN: 0760324476
Catalog ID: 140586

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    Kustomland: The Custom Car Photography of James Potter, 1955-1959


    Author: Thom Taylor
    In the late 1950s, as designers from the Big Three became more daring, their do-it-yourself counterparts in the custom-car world found that the new designs from Detroit worked exceptionally well with custom treatments like shaving, lowering, “lakes pipes,” and the ever-wilder custom painting of the day—aesthetics that would come to dominate this peak custom car era. Professional freelance photographer James Potter captured the epicenter of this landmark scene in what was then suburban Los Angeles. In this photographic history of that time and place, Thom Taylor presents the best of Potter’s collection depicting the cars of “Kustomland.” Two- and four-page features on two-dozen renowned customs from mild to radical feature not only Potter’s exemplary work, but brief capsule histories of the cars and their owners and captions detailing the cars’ features. Taylor also includes features on legendary custom painter Larry Watson and the Renegades car club, as well as a biography of Potter and a historic overview of Kustomland and the areas it encompassed.

    Format: Hardbound
    Pages: 128
    Length: 8.25 x 10.625
    ISBN-13: 9780760322598
    ISBN: 0760322597

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    Lost Hot Rods by Pat Ganahl - CarTech books

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    In Lost Hot Rods, we attempt to answer the questions about whatever happened to these great cars. We're not talking about vintage tin sitting in the desert or woods, or old cars parked in farm fields. Nearly all of these vintage rods and customs were found in urban or suburban garages--possibly right in your neighborhood--where they were parked years ago, maybe to save, perhaps torn apart for a rebuild, or in many cases they are projects that were started years ago and just never finished. The condition of such finds ranges from musty piles of parts, to dusty and cobwebbed originals, to pristine, still-show-quality beauties. We also show cars that have been located by others, either as-is or now in beautiful restored condition. Either way, we tell the process of finding such vehicles, giving many tips on how you can find them, too. This isn't a book about seeking these cars for profit. What's more important, and fun, is the search itself. If, when you find such a long-lost rod or custom, it turns out that it is available and you can afford to acquire it and put it back on the road and enjoy it, so much the better. But just finding them; finally answering that "Whatever happened to...?" question is the main goal. In most cases we show vintage photos of the car in its heyday, along with where and how it looks today. But what makes this venture doubly fun, and what separates this book from others, is that we are not just looking for old cars or even collector cars hidden away. Finding a vintage Corvette, or Porsche, or even a gennie Model A or Model T stashed in a garage or barn is cool. But hot rods and custom cars are very different--literally. Each one is unique. So each of these cars has its own unique story, it's own personal history, which makes Lost Hot Rods a special collection of stories as well as “Then” and “Now” images.


    8.5 x 11"
    192 pages
    200 color and 100 b/w photos
    ISBN 13: 9781934709221

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    Larry Watson Custom Car Confessions Book

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    Watson’s Custom Car Confessions is a 148 p ...more

    age in-depth look at the personal custom cars of customizer and custom paint legend Larry Watson, the girls that went along for the rides and boulevard cruising, and the troubles with the police during those antagonistic times when custom cars and their owners were the focus of police scrutiny. Growing up in the heart of the custom car craze in Bellflower during the 1950s, and throughout his life, Watson created some of the most influential custom cars of all time. From his famous 1950 Chevy Grapevine and legendary 1958 Thunderbird Vino Paisano, to later cars like his custom 1972 Ranchero made famous in the Robert Culp movie Outrage, they’re all here. Literally finished the night Larry died; it’s a tribute to his life and legacy with the cars he displayed his unique talents through. Initial printing of 1000 copies ensures this will be a rare and collectible addition to your automotive book collection. $30.00 plus shipping and handling.

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    SCRAPBOOK by the Rodder's Journal

    The Rodder's Journal SCRAPBOOK. The book that I have been waiting for for a LONG time.
    Well the wa ...more

    it was well worth it. The book is really fantastic! A job very well done by the Rodder's Journal team, and especially Curt Iseli. An amazing amount of snapshots is combined in this book. Snapshots from all over the US taken at car shows, drag races at homes and just on the street. As a Custom Car enthusiast I had hoped for some amazing photo's of Custom Cars.. and well this book sure has some really great photos of known and many unknown Custom Cars. But as with the rest of the Rodder's Journal content the majority of the content is about Hot Rod's and Race Cars. And there is unfortunately not a nice 33.3% share for each of these categories. I guess that was just some wishful thinking.

    However this book is still worth the money despite the fact there are more Hot Rod and Race Car photos in it. The choice of material used in the book is really great to look at and I'm really happy the photos in the book are not over retouched. Most still have all the stains, scratches and torn edges they had when they were scanned. just the way I love them.
    So if you have not yet ordered this fantastic book I can strongly advice you to do so.

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    Old School Customs

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    Old School Customs: Top Traditional Custom Car Builders

    Author: Alan Mayes
    In the late 1930s, as roadster- and coupe-driving hot rodders started families, they suddenly needed reliable cars that could transport more than two people. Thus, custom cars were born—passenger automobiles turned into one-of-a-kind art pieces reflecting the aesthetic sensibilities of their owners and builders. Today, the mild-to-wild styles and techniques that grew out of the custom car movement might seem like theyve been around forever. Fortunately, a number of top-notch builders are keeping these classic elements alive. This book profiles the work of some of the men who keep making custom car history, and features dozens of chopped, sectioned, shaved, decked, flamed, frenched, nosed, lowered, scalloped, striped, and slammed Caddies, Mercs, Buicks, shoebox Fords, Chevys, and Oldsmobiles that exemplify traditional custom car design. Author Alan Mayes includes profiles of top builders from across the country—John D'Agostino, Bill Hines, Richard Zocchi, Darryl Starbird, Bo Huff, and Rick Murray, among others—each illustrated with color photography profiling the builders work. In addition, Mayes features archival images detailing earlier work of these history-making custom builders of today.

    Format: Hardbound
    Pages: 160
    Length: 9.25 x 10.875
    ISBN-13: 9780760334577

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