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Andy W. Clark

Andy Clark was a passenger on board TWA flight 128. He was killed in the crash on November 20,1967. Mr. Clark was returning home, along with his wife, Clemmie Clark, from a Savings and Loan Association conference in San Franscico.Click on image for complete data. Return to the Flight 694/383/128 Aviation Memorial website: .

Courtesy of the Clark Family

Andy Clark {10/24/1914 - 11/20/1965} Laid to rest on 11/25/1967.
1967 Home: Park Hills, Kentucky
Spouse: Clemmie Clark
Parents: W.L.Clark and Cora E. Bradford-Clark
Children: Milton Bradford Clark
Donald Andrew Clark
Anthony Ward Clark
Stephen W. Clark

Private Law Practice-Owner {1937-1967}
Kenton County Quarterly Court - Law Clerk {1940-1942
Hughes, Clark, & Lee Law Firm - Partner {1947-1967}
University of Kentucky Northern Community College {1952-Unknown}
Greater Cincinnati Airport Board {CVG} {1962-Unknown}

Training School at Eastern Kentucky State Normal School and Teachers School {1927-1928}.
Holmes Junior/Senior High School {1928-1930} Specialization in Individual Speaking Contests.
Soldan High School {1930-1931} Basketball.
Nicholasville High School {1931-1932} Class Treasurer.
University of Kentucky College of Law {Grauduated 02/01/1937 with law degree}.

Previous Cities Lived In:
Wilmore, Kentucky {1916-1921}
Versailles, Kentucky {1921-1926}
Somerset, Kentucky {1926-1927}
Richmond, Kentucky {1927-1928}
Covington, Kentucky {1928-1930}
East St. Louis, Illionis {1930-1931}
Covington, Kentucky {1937-1942}
Park Hills, Kentucky {1942-1967}

Andrew Clark was a passenger onboard TWA flight 128. He was killed in the crash on November 20,1967 on the approach to The Greater Cincinnati Airport. Andrew was returning home, with his wife, Clementine, from a Saving and Loan Association conference in San Francisco. Mr. Clark was a prominent Covington, Ky. attorney with offices in the Covington Trust Building. Andrew "became attorney for the airport on Feburary 19, 1962. His whole life was dedicated to the civic betterment and economic growth of Northern Kentucky and the growth of the airport meant a great deal to him. For several years after the crash “we boys” were told the airport board intended to build a memorial to those who died in the crash.........that did not happen." {Source: Don Clark} Andrew Ward Clark {Andy} was born in Versailles, Kentucky on October 14, 1914 at his parents home. His father was a evangelical Methodist preacher who had to move his family often to new ministry assignments. So it was that the Clarks moved in 1916 to Wilmore, Kentucky and then several years later to Somerset, Kentucky. In 1927, they were on the move again. This time to Richmond, Kentucky where young Andy attended 8th grade at the Training School {Model High School} at Eastern Kentucky State Normal School and Teachers School {now Eastern Kentucky University}. In 1928, the family moved to Covington, Kentucky where Andy's father was tasked with the mission of combining St. Luke Methodist Church with the Scott Street Methodist Church. While in Covington, Andy attended 9th and 10th grades at Holmes High School where he participated and won a speaking contest. He also formed a Bible class at the the First Methodist Church. The next stop for the Clark's was East St. Louis, IL. in 1931. Andy attended his eleventh year of school at Soldan High School where he played basketball. That same year the family moved again, this time to Nicholasville, Kentucky. At Nicholasville High School, Andy was elected class treasurer and played football. Andy also earned his high school diploma. Andy also participated and became president of the Methodist Episcopal League while living in Nicholasville. At the age of 19, Andy married Margaret Clementine Smith in Covington, Kentucky at the Methodist Episcopal Church South on Scott Street. The date was July 25, 1934. He continued his study at the University of Kentucky Law School earning his license to practice law in the state of Kentucky on September 21, 1936 before graduating with honors on February 1, 1937 at the age of 22. With college now completed, he moved himself and his wife "Clemmy" to 302 Greenup Street, Covington, Kentucky where Andy started his private law practice and also joined the First Methodist Church. Andy's life of law and civic duty was now underway. His first project began in 1940 with the Covington-Kenton County Industrial Association in partnership with C. Lyle Kays, Bernard Eilerman, and J. Lyter Donaldson. In 1941, the Association was instrumental in having a road built for the proposed airport. Andy continued to stay busy through 1942 as the Clerk of the Kenton County Quarterly Court under John B. Read. He also served on the Kenton County Draft Board, the Kenton County Bar Association, and he joined the Kiwanis Club. During this period, he moved Clemmy and their two children Milton, born in 1937, and Donald born in 1941, to 821 Aberdeen Road, Park Hills, Kentucky where he became City Attorney. He also moved his law office to the First National Bank Building at 503 Madison Avenue in Covington. In 1943 and 1944, Andy served as Secretary for the Kenton County Bar Association and then in 1945 he served as the President of the Covington Junior Chamber of Commerce. His third son was born in 1944, Anthony. In 1946 the Greater Cincinnati Airport opened along Donaldson Road. This would become one of Andy's major projects as he saw the airport as an economic opportunity for growth and prosperity for Northern Kentucky.

TEXT: Courtesy of Don Clark

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