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Robert Cooley

Robert Cooley was a passenger onboard TWA flight 128 on business with the International Machine Company. He survived the crash on November 20,1967. He was sitting by the window in seat 9-A over the wing of the airliner. Ethel Brown was sitting directly next to him. He told the Cincinnati newspapers at St. Elizabeth Hospital the day after the crash, "I honestly have no idea how I got out of that plane. I don't know how I made it". Click on image for complete data. Return to the Flight 694/383/128 Aviation Memorial website: .

Courtesy: Gettysburg Flag Works

Robert Cooley {1947 - Unknown}
La Punta, California

1967 Employer: International Machine Products Company

Quotes: ""I thought we were coming in..
.. for a normal landing".

Interview with WCPO Channel 9 Cincinnati :

Uploaded: December 12, 2015