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Robert Deters

Robert Deters was a passenger on board TWA flight 128. He survived the crash on November 20,1967 by escaping through a hole in the aircraft which opened before him. Before he escaped the inferno, he turned to his wife and yelled, "Edith, Edith!" She gave no response.They were returning from a bankers convention in San Francisco. Mr. Deters was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Covington, Kentucky. Click on image for complete data. Return to the Flight 694/383/128 Aviation Memorial website: .

Courtesy: Gettysburg Flag Works

Robert Deters {4/24/1908 to 2003}
1967 Home: Harrison, Ohio

Spouse: Mary E. Deters/Ruth L. Boerman Puthof-Deters

Born: Cincinnati, Ohio {Price Hill}

James M. Deters
Richard Deters
Thomas Deters
Robert Deters Jr.
Ed Deters

Share Shop: Owner - 1950 - 2003
Price Hill Electric Building and Loan:
Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati: Executive Board Member
United Savings: President - to 1973
Century and Silver Celebration: Chairman - 2003

School: Elder High School - 1922 - 1926

Quotes: "Edith! Edith! {at crash site of TWA Flight 128}

Previous cities lived in: Cincinnati, Ohio {Price Hill}

Passed Away: 04/04/2003 of natural causes at Bayley Place in Delhi Township, Ohio

Interned: St. John Cemetery {Harrison, Ohio} on 4/14/2003

Uploaded: December 13, 2015