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Centro Properties

Pylon and building signage. Landlord became Centro Properties in 2007. Previous name: New Plan Excel; formerly Center America.

Cedar Bellaire
2009 storm damaged pylon
albums: 2
Royal Oaks
subfolders: 2
El Camino_Bellaire
Renovation of shopping center signage; Bissonnet @ Renwick
albums: 10
League City center
West Main (518) at Hwy. 3
albums: 2
Centro interior signs
albums: 3
Braes Heights office
blade (tower) sign
2-sided; non-lit
albums: 3
Texas City Bay
Refurbish existing KROGER pylon.
Palmer @ 146 ~ Texas City
albums: 3
Merchants Park - ROSS
Two new 24' pylons for ROSS.
albums: 5
Maplewood (Foodarama)
Renovation of shopping center at Beechnut & Hillcroft.
New and refurbished tenant storefront signs.
albums: 13
7555 Bellaire CIRCUIT CITY
Create new pylon by adding all new lighted sign cabinets onto existing poles.
New CIRCUIT CITY flex-faces. New pole covers & decorative top-cap.
albums: 3
NP Broadway/Bellfort
Existing pylon structure to be refurbished with pole covers
albums: 1
Camino South Clearlake
Completely refurbished pylon structure (new tenant cabinet, new top ID cabinet & pole covers). Provided new monument signs for shopping center renovation.
albums: 2
Pasadena PARKWAY
new low-profile decorative pylon for tenants of refurbished center
albums: 1
Braes Heights Corporate Entry
Apr 8, 2003

NP NEW PLAN Corporate Entrance

Architectural blade sign for New Plan entrance projecting wall.
Sweet Mesquite lighted channel letters (completed Sep 17, 2003) on exterior wall above glass stairwell leading to New Plan corporate offices.
Also, flat-cut-out PVC letters on interior stairwell wall for New Plan.

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