Dremel 580-02 Table Saw Manual

Please see most current info on the Dremel pages at www.theaerosmith.com

A copy of the Dremel table saw manual is below and can be printed from Fotki. You may also download a .PDF copy here:


You'll have to copy and paste the link.

The 580 is identical to the 580-02 except for the motor shaft sizes and nameplate colors so the manual covers both.

There are SEAMLESS belts available now, available from zimbyoproducts.com. These have gotten good feedback to me from quite a few people. Personally, I haven't used them because I converted my saw to use O-rings for drive years ago when there weren't any belts available. The owner's name is Pete Wells. Please provide feedback about your experience with them. I understand he sells blades, too. A link to him is on my site at www.theaerosmith.com

For more about the saw, where to buy blades, belts, etc, look under The Mighty Dremel Table Saw at www.theaerosmith.com

Carbides blades are a HUGE improvement to the saw; be certain to get them if you don't get anything else for yours. MicroMark has them, expensive, but very fine. Harbor Freight just discontinued selling ones I've recommended for years and years at far less and every bit as good.

Since Harbor Freight just discontinued theirs, very disappointing, I searched and searched, and found a source here in the US that has just excellent blades. You have to buy them in large quantity, so I decided I'd buy them and make them available one at at time to people who contact me about the manual I give away.. They're imported as are MM and HF (I WISH I could find US made...) but these are EXCELLENT, better than either the MicroMark or Harbor Freight blades at half the cost of the MM blades. Drop me a note for details or go to www.theaerosmith.com

February 2012: I just added a new page, DREMEL ACCESSORIES. On it there are several items being made by Bill Wilson, a retired machinist in Florida. The stuff is really nice and quite reasonably priced. The miter gage and rip fence are HUGE improvements over the stock stuff. The vacuum dust shield is a big improvement to the machine, too. Be sure to check that page...get these things before he stops making them...it's just a hobby for him, and lucky for us that he's making the stuff available.

See it all at www.theaerosmith.com Click on the Dremel saw pages.

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  • George (Private)
    9 years 9 months ago
    Dremel 580 Manual001.jpg
    any one knows where I can buy a dremel 580? thanks
    • Marie (Private)
      1 year 3 months ago
      I am selling one but I live in San Diego. Do you still want one?
  • Marie (Private)
    1 year 3 months ago
    Dremel 580 Manual001.jpg
    Hello, I have a Dremel 580 which I would like to sell. It runs, has some rust but seems complete. I will probably sell it on Craigs List but in doing some research into the saw I saw this site. (No pun intended).
  • 4 years 1 month ago
    Dremel 580 Manual001.jpg
    Where could find a replacement motor for my 580?
  • mike (Private)
    6 years 4 months ago
    Dremel 580 Manual015.jpg
    Hi Bob, Just picked up a used dremel 580-2 in albany ny for 20 dollars.
    Needs a blade , a manual a square and a belt.
      Can I get a pdf of the manual?
      Also a source for the blade?
      I am trying to email Bill Wilson to buy assesories.
        Great website and service
        I have wanted one of these saws for years, but hope bill wilson is still making assesories
         Thanks, mike

  • 6 years 6 months ago
    Dremel 580 Manual001.jpg
    Dear Bob, I purchased a dremel -580- table saw at a garage sale recently. I would very much like it if you could sent me a manual and any other info about my new/used saw. I'm feeling a little unsafe not having a manual to reference when I am in doubt about operating a power tool that is unfamilar to me. Thank you very much, in advance, for your help. Sincerly, Miss PLM (hugs)
    • (Anonymously) (Private)
      6 years 6 months ago
      Sorry for so long a delay in replying...just now found your mail.  Please send me a note to my email so my reply doesn't post here on Fotki; too long.  Write me at and remind me it's from Miss PLM and from a Fotki post.  Again, sorry for the delay.  I'll get right back to you, promise.


  • TheAeroSmith Premium user United States (Private)
    8 years 9 months ago
    Dremel 580 Manual001.jpg
    See Zimbyoproducts.com for belts.
    Free .pdf of manual from Bob@theaerosmith.com
  • george (Private)
    9 years 9 months ago
    Dremel 580 Manual001.jpg
    to scott
    Belt for dremel 580 on ebay now #380155516894 good luck.
  • Scott Nelson (Private)
    9 years 10 months ago
    Dremel 580 Manual001.jpg
    I need a replacement belt for mine. Any ideas? Thanks.