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White COE Wrecker
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Tom-C-Toys Tribute

I started collecting farm toys in 1969 and trucks and cars soon after. It was not until the early 1980's before I found out that other collectors were out there also. I started going to toy shows selling duplicate farm toys and other vehicle toys that I had collected and later upgraded.
The name, Tom-C-Toys was registered in June of 1989 and opened the following month at the Aurora Farms Factory outlet market place in Aurora Ohio.
With the help of my wife we started with Ertl Farm Toys, truck banks and AMT model kits as well as farm toys and Hubley kits from JLE Scale Models. Other lines were added over the years.
In 1995 Aurora Farms decided to eliminate the Market building to make room for more Factory Outlets, so in 1996 we built the store on the corner of Rts 88 & 305 just north of Garrettsville.
We sold the store in the fall of 2006 and moved to Arizona. They ran the store until June 2011 when the economy and other issue made them decide to close. I hope they can look back someday and have the same fond memories we have.
My wife and I have enjoyed the many years of toy collecting and have become good friends with many long time collectors.
We extend our sincere "Thanks" to everyone who shopped or just stopped by to visit Tom-C-Toys
I hope our long time customers and friends of TCT have as many great memories of the store as we do.
Feel free to comment here.

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What The Heck is This Thing?

Every now and then you just come across stuff that makes you ask, WTH?

If you know what any of these items are or was used for please post in the comments box.

Thanks, Tom

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Goodyear Ball Park, Cleveland Indians
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