Friends, parties, and private photos that should be shared with just some few.
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Plastic Modelbuilding
My main hobby has been modelbuilding since the late 80's. Here Youll find pictures from projects, models shows, and pictures off fellow modellers models.
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Cars, but also other vehicles, has been like a religion for me since a was able to recognice them as so. To me a Lada could be more interesting then a Ferrari, but I must confest that the most beautifull car I ever seen is a RR Corniche I saw in Covent Garden back in the mid nineties.
Iceblue metalic body. Same collor at the wheels, with chrome hubcabcaps, and medium whiteside tires. No other chrome at the sides, white cab, and interior. There was no bumperettes, just clean bumpers. Just the rings arround the headlights was chrome, the rest was iceblue. The waterfall (vertical ribs) in the grill was iceblue as well, leaving just the grillsouronding chrome.
I remember that moment that car passed me as it was just a moment ago, and I hope to see other cars done that carefully, but just as beautifull
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My photo hobby!
Several years ago I was spending a lot of time with my Minolta cameras. Then money and time became rather short, and I didn't managed to follow up this hobby. As the camera technologi evolved, I also found it hard to decide for a new camera, but finally in 2007 I bought my self a Canon 350d. Lenses covering from 28-200mm, and a macro ring. My wife bought me a flash to christmas, and now I just have to learn to use this new technologi.
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Our house!
It was all new in 2001, but we have started to upgrade it.
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Skeieneskogen Vel
This is our home area. This field was built during 1999 to 2002. We are lucky, cause the infrastructure here are very nice. The childrens school are just 200-300 meters from our door, and the youth school are just 4-500meters from the same door. The church is as close as the schools, and the supermarket, and doctor even closer. There is a local fotball team with nice training fields closer then the church. Sandnes is one of the 10 bigger cities in Norway, even though there are not more then 65000 living in the community. From us down to the city it is a 15 minute walk, making us a very satisfied family when choosing place to settle.
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Våre venna!
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Rødrussen '90.
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Henning sine bilder(My sons pictures)
Henning is a 1999 model, and now and then he tries one of our cameras. I guess he soon have to get one him self.
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Ine sine bilder(My daughters pictures)
Ine is born in 2002. As her brother, she borrows the camera sometimes, and I have decided not one should be deleted.
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TCG Pokemon
My son is a Pokemon Fan. When he wanted to collect Trading Cards, I would'nt let him unless he learned to play them proparely. As he was only six back then, and there are no Norwegian translation on this cards, I had to be the one learning him. Of course, today I play pokemoncards my self, and soon I have to learn Ine as well, as she is six in May.
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Tor Henning Engen
Avatar bank!
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Tor Henning Engen
On the oven

I like to exsperiment with food.

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