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KS - Wichita Police

1981 Ford Fairmont

Uploaded: May 26, 2007
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  • Bill Hedgpeth (Private)
    11 years 6 months ago
    Actually, that is me sitting in that car. It ran on propane, so top speed and wind wasn't an issue! It had a top speed, downhill on a good day of maybe 80mph....unless of course it was overheating because the first generation propanes systems didn't synch well with the primitive ecu's in those cars. All in all, quite possible the WORST police car I've driven in my 30 years on the job!!
  • JW (Private)
    11 years 8 months ago
    The Fairmont had a lot of problems period.
  • Dennis Finley (Private)
    11 years 8 months ago
    That's a huge light bar for a Fairmont.

    How'd it do in high winds?

    Fort Worth PD had a fleet of these in 1979. They all had carbon monoxide problems.