Alaska August 2015
albums: 16
Arizona May 2014
A trip to Arizona in memorial to Mary's mother who passed away earlier in 2014. We also made it a vacation trip.
subfolders: 2 and albums: 1
Pics from trips to Arkansas
albums: 3
At the Fair
Scenes at the fair -- through the eyes of John Elliott
albums: 1
Basset Hounds
Photos of our very own Rosebud and Dudley plus various Basset hound events we have attended.
albums: 139
Britni & Jon's Wedding
A wonderful night!
albums: 1
albums: 5
albums: 12
Dog Days
Beautiful days at Daggett Lake Campgrounds!!
albums: 2
Fall Foliage
Albums of fall foliage by year
albums: 18
Family Pics
albums: 53
Favorites and Misc
Albums of singular nature.
albums: 41
FIRST Team250
subfolders: 3
Wild Flowers, domestic flowers, flowers of all types
albums: 23
Photos of our friends
albums: 1
Gardens and Garden Shows
albums: 58
Las Vegas
Scenic areas around Las Vegas and a few attractions along the strip.
albums: 5
Life Events
Pictures posted for ease of sharing
albums: 10
Rippling Waters
Streams, rivers, lakes and ponds
albums: 26
Robin and Nathan
albums: 7
albums: 10
Perspectives of Union University, Schenectady, NY
albums: 3
Western Vistas
Scenic views of God's country out west
albums: 6
Woods and Trails
Images from hikes and adventures that are not streams or flowers.
albums: 15
Wyoming 2013
albums: 16
John Elliott May 2004
May 18, 2003

Pictures of Tricia's horse shows. Champion and grand champion in her first show! And numerous ribbons since!

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