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NOTE, 2013: Fotki lost servers during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, thus there are huge gaps in nearly all my photo albums before that time. Fotki has not reloaded backup photo albums but are assuring that they have not lost pics and will reload albums.
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Hannibal Missouri
subfolders: 14
Hannibal MO Mt. Olivet Cem
The Mt. Olivet folder contains 2005 pictures from various landmarks in the cemetery and panorama pics of each section. Mt. Olivet is a large cemetery thus a full digital survey was outside the time limits. No burial/inscription listing has been made available to the public to date so burial location is generally a matter of a time consuming 'hunt.'
albums: 20
Hannibal MO Riverside Cem
Riverside Cem, Hannibal, Marion Co, MO. Pans and pics from various seasons. or
albums: 10
Missouri catch-all folder: old maps, historical data/info.
albums: 9
Clark Co Missouri
albums: 1
Marion Co Missouri
Albums and folders pertaining to the history and/or genealogy in Marion Co, Missouri, and the Hannibal area.
subfolders: 3 and albums: 8
Monroe Co Missouri
Albums related to the history and/or genealogy of Monroe Co, in NE Missouri.
subfolders: 4 and albums: 2
Pike Co Missouri
Cemetery/history folders and albums regarding Pike Co. in N.E. Missouri.
subfolders: 14 and albums: 20
Pike Co Illinois
As of Apr 13, 2008, only folder only contains the 1912 Atlas. Pike Co, ILL, is the area directly east, across the Mississippi River from Pike Co, Ralls Co and Marion Co, Missouri.
albums: 1
Ralls County Missouri
Cemetery and History Albums regarding Ralls County, Missouri
subfolders: 7 and albums: 31
Scotland Co Missouri
subfolders: 3 and albums: 3
Shelby Co Missouri
Folders and ablums regarding Shelby Co, Missouri, history and genealogy.
subfolders: 4 and albums: 4
Pioneer Life and Old Thresher Reunions
Albums regarding American life style of the time of family farms and businesses of the 1800's and first half of the 1900's, as displayed at Old Thresher Reunion Grounds of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; Hamilton, Illinois; Sheblyville, Missouri; and other historical sites.
albums: 41
Iowa Andreas 1875 Atlas
Andrea's 1875 Atlas of Iowa Counties shows overview maps (not plat) maps of all Iowa 99 Iowa counties, plus some of the county village plats and pictographs of farms and homes. I may have other counties in storage to upload if needed by someone.
albums: 8
Fayette Co IA Surnames and Genealogy Lookups
Albums regarding a requested look-ups for Fayette Co, Iowa genealogy and/or history, which usually will contain old maps of the family area or pioneer history info.
subfolders: 9 and albums: 19
Fayette Co IA Cemeteries
subfolders: 4 and albums: 55
Fayette IA Cem Grandview
Most of the burials from the Fayette village area are in Grandview. This folder contains various folders of Grandview.
subfolders: 1 and albums: 20
Fayette IA History
albums: 9
Fayette IA Albums
Albums of various Fayette, Iowa, pics. A catch-all folder. or
albums: 28
Fayette IA Cardinal School Reunions
Since 1999, the second weekend in July has been a gathering time for members of the Fayette Iowa High School Classes through 1984, when the school joined with North Fayette of West Union. The All-Cardinal Weekend was discontinued after 2015 as the numbers able to gather diminished to a level the concept was not sustainable.
subfolders: 18
Fayette IA School Annuals and Class Pics
Fayette Iowa High School Annual and Class photos.
albums: 101
Fayette IA Upper Iowa University
A few annuals and misc. material regarding UIU.
albums: 7
Fayette Co IA History Maps and Information
Folders and albums regrading Fayette Co, IA history, maps and information. Some folders/albums are locked and opened only for researchers. The 1910 History of Fayette Co, IA, can be viewed as pdf files at
subfolders: 6 and albums: 26
Auburn Village Fayette Co Iowa
Auburn Albums of specific areas and walk-abouts, to include mills, brewery, pottery, plats, citizens, original cemetery, etc.
albums: 14
Clayton Co Iowa
1882 History of Clayton Co, Iowa; 1886 Altas/Plat of Clayton Co, Iowa; Andrea's 1875 Atlas of Clayton Co, Iowa.
subfolders: 3 and albums: 9
Heckart Genealogy and History
Albums concerning the Penn German Heckart line who came to America in the mid 1700's, with emphasis on Michael Heckart's sons John Adam Sr. and Yost who moved to Shelby and Ralls Co, Missouri in 1838, with some offspring remaining in NE MO, others moving into Iowa, and still others westward.
albums: 14
Neuenschwander Surname
The Neuenschwander folder contains the few small file size digital pics that I have of the family of my Grandmother May Ella Neuenschwander, wife of Harvey Zbornik. The pics were taken from the scrapbook of my late Uncle Layton Zbornik in about 2001. Generally, at least one pic in a series has text inserted upon the pic. File names indicate the person/topic.
albums: 2
Zbornik Surname
Zbornik surname genealogy and history. Primary line: Mathias and Rosa Kopet Zbornik, came from the Zdar/Chaulpy area of Bohemia and settled on 40a, north of Spillville (Spielville), Winneshiek Co, Iowa, in the mid-1850's. Wenzil Kopet, Rosa's brother accoompanied Mathias and Rosa to Winn.Co.IA. Mathias, abt. 1865, moved a few miles south to a 110-120a farm just SE of St. Lucas (Old Mission) in Fayette Co. for the remainder of his life. Wenzil Kopet stayed in Winn.Co.IA. Collateral Kopet surnames of NE Iowa counties: Kopet, Balik, Stranda, Bolic, Vrba, Polansky(Polanski).
Collateral Zbornik surnames in NE Iowa: Learn, Siglin, Busta, Huber, Pribyl, Schuler, Forman, Reilmer, Kipp. or
albums: 12
Kopet Surname
Kopet Surname folders and albums. The Zbornik folder will also contain albums related to the Kopet's of WI, MN, IA. Numerous pics/items in this folder are from Jack Kopet, Larry Copet and Ann Brownell/Tim Kopet, all who are working on Kopet/Copet history/genealogy.
albums: 9
Winneshiek Co Iowa
Winneshiek Co, Iowa, cemetery, history and info pics related to sunames Zbornik, Kopet on my fathers side, and Strayer, Heckart on my mothers side.
albums: 24
Howard County Iowa
albums: 3
Bremer Co Iowa
Bremer Co, Iowa, material related to the Zbornik surname, generally around the Sumner area.
albums: 8
Hunt Surname
albums: 2
Strayer Surname
albums: 5
Thompson Genealogy Reunions and Arlington Iowa
Genealogy, History and Reunion data regarding the offspring and collaterial surnames related to Zachariah Caleb 1 and Priscillia Albaugh Thompson of the Brush Creek/Arlington area of Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa. This line of the Thompson's came out of Scotland, and were with the Scotch-Irish migration to America in the early/mid 1700's. They settled in Harford (Baltimore) Co, Maryland with later migrations going both the southern route and northern route. My ggggGrandparents, Andrew and Eliz Denbow Thompson, moved through Penn to Carroll (Harrison) Co, Ohio, in about 1817 as the Louisana Purchased opened up for settlement. Andrew's grandson's Morris J. and Samuel explored Fayette Co, Iowa, in 1851/52, when this area of Iowa opened to more settlement. Brothers Morris J., Samuel and William, along with bro-in-law John Capper and Saltsgiver relatives moved the families to pioneer Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa, in 1853/54, becoming major family units in the Brush Creek/Arlington, Wadena, Elgin, West Union, Fayette area. By the mid 1870's all of the children and many relatives of Zachariah Caleb 1 and Priscillia Albaugh Thompson had settled Fayette Co, Iowa. The subfolders and albums in this folder are collections of their histories. Descendent trees and reports are on web pages and also available to researchers. or
subfolders: 2 and albums: 40
Iowaz Cycles
albums: 18
IowaZ Things
Just Stuff.
albums: 22
albums: 2
Iowaz Shooting
subfolders: 3 and albums: 72
Iowaz Family Related Photos
subfolders: 1 and albums: 6
Iowaz Locked 1
albums: 2
Iowaz Locked 2
albums: 14
Iowaz Locked 3
albums: 25