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Jacqueline's Sisterlocks Journeys

Phase I & II of my journey to Sisterlocks

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My Sisterlocks Journey - Phase II
Dec 1, 2004

Greetings Everyone,

I thought long and hard and decided to restart my Sisterlocks journey by lovingly and painstaking having all of my 9-month-old Sisterlocks removed (see process below) and reinstalled smaller to create more locks, to allow me to have more styling flexibility as in up-dos/French braids, etc. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but much happier knowing I will get the size lock I want in the end. Please know, my Certified Sisterlocks Consultant, Martine Bernard did a fabulous job installing my first set of 425+/- standard size Sisterlocks (17 hours, over two days) and the second set of 650+/- micro-small-medium sized Sisterlocks (approximately 33 hours, over four non-consecutive days in 1.5 months. I wore a lot of head wraps!) and yes, we are still good friends :)! Thank God!

I have to give a BIG THANKS to Pat S., Angela S., Arianna A., Cassandra G. and my biggest supporter, my cousin Diana G. I could not have done it without y’all!

The Take Down Process:
It took approximately one month, several hours a night to remove the 425+/- locks. We used the end of a metal rat-tail comb and an open straight tipped bobby pin and used alone or a combination of: Water, Downey (fabric softener), a cheap balsam conditioner, Take Down, African Royale Hot Six Oil, and Queen Helena Cholesterol. Personally, I found the African Royale Hot Six Oil worked best all by itself. It was a VERY, VERY, VERY long and tedious process.

I want everyone to know that I would NEVER attempt this again! If I decided I didn’t want Sisterlocks anymore, I would just grow them out and cut my hair into a TWA! Nonetheless, join me on Part II of Sisterlocks journey.

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My Sisterlocks Hair Journey - Phase I
Feb 29, 2004

After five years of wearing my hair natural, I finally got up enough nerve to lock my hair and chose the Sisterlocks(tm) method due to styling flexibility and the size of the locks - I was used to wearing micro extensions and wanted locks with a similar look. Thus here is my 2-day, 17 hour, 405 Sisterlocks(tm) hair journey. Enjoy!

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