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If America is burning
This only applies if the destruction of the United States takes place after March 26th. Then Hal Lindsey was right back in the 80's and I apologize.
Read the scripture on the destruction of Babylon in Revelation 18. Find a Bible and read Revelation. Most of the Scroll judgements will have or soon take place in a few months leaving the Bowl and Trumpet judgements for 3.5 years later. If you are reading this, I paid up my subscription to this account for 5 years. So it should stand and be safe stored there in Europe.
Down load at will but be forewarned that it could be deleted by the coming one world government.
Good Luck.

Word of to the wise, read the scriptures (Holy Bible), believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and profess your belief to him in prayer and you will be saved regardless if you lose your life later.
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Gregg Hutchings


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Block party
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