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KC Slammers Club Meetings and Special Events

In this folder you'll find pictures and notes on monthly club meetings and special occasions for the KC Slammers Model Car Club. It will take awhile, but we'll soon have pics and notes from as many past club events as we can get our hands on.
Club Monthly and Special Meetings
Slammers Club Picnic - 2008
Museum of Speed Road Trip - November, 2009

Club Meeting Photos by Month
This folder has pictures taken at monthly and special KC Slammers' meetings.
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Bill Smith's Museum of Speed - Club Trip
Nov 7, 2009

Arouund 15 Slammers and their friends and family made the 3-hour trip north to the fantastic Museum of American Speed in Lincoln, Nebraska, on a beautiful Autumn day. Here are some pictures to , we hope, give you a taste of what we saw and experienced on that day!!!

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Party for Russ Johnson on Saturday, July 10, 2010
Jul 10, 2010

Russ Johnson's daughters and family threw him a "Celebration of His LIfe" Party at the North Kansas City Community Center.  It was well attended by his family and around 25 KC Slammers.  Russ was in good spirits and Rich Newberry even piled him into the Riv and they all went over to the local cruise night for awhile! It was not a time for sadness or tears, but rather a time for good friends to enjoy each other's company.  There were lots of neat pics of Russ in his youth and of recent days as well.  Of particular interest to us car gooks were the pics of Russ' racing days. This guy did some serious stuff back then! Russ has always been a friend for us all, someone to count on and to trust, but especially a "KC Slammer Brother" to respect and love!  He's known for his wild (MAYBE even true) stories and never a one to be stingy with a smile and good ribbing!  We luvs ya right back, Russ!

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Ken Leslie Airbrush Workshop
Feb 12, 2011

On Saturday, 17 of the KC Slammers attended a special 4-hour workshop on "How to Create Prize Winning Paint Jobs" at the Carriage and Motorworks Shop in KC, KS.

Our instructor was Ken Leslie from Llittle Rock, Arkansas

(more details to follow - ran out of time to type right now)

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Oklahoma trip to Starbird's and Top Shelf Models
Nov 13, 2010

ON a crisp autumn day, 6 Slammers met up with our KKOA Buddy, Bill Moore, and made the trip to Oklahoma for a great day immersed in kustoms. rods, amd model cars.

Wow! What a day. We met at Zimm's in Louisburg at 6:30 AM and went out for breakfast buffet in town. Then we headed out to the Darry Starbird Rod and Custom Hall of Fame and Museum in Afton, Oklahoma. After a great visit with Darryl himself in his workshop, we toured the museum itself.

Then we packed into the van and made the trip over north of Tulsa to Owasso and spent some time cruisin' the full shelves at Top Shelf Models.

We then went to Braums for burgers and ice cream and then hauled out for home! We got back to Louisburg around 9 PM and all headed home back to our modeling benches with fresh ideas and big smiles on our faces.

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Slammers 20th Year Banquet
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Slammers Picnic, May 2012
May 1, 2012

Small turnout for this event, but everyone that came had a great time! It was at the Missouri River LaBenite Park off of Hwy. 291 in Sugar Creek, MO.

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Slammers 2008 Club Picnic at Wyandotte County Lake Park, Kansas City, Kansas
Sep 21, 2008

On Sunday, September 21st, 2008, the KC Slammers had their annual club picnic at beautiful Wyandotte County Lake Park in Kansas City, Kansas. It was a perfect day for an outdoor event with temperatures in the middle 70's and a partly cloudy to sunny sky.

The club provided pop, burgers, hot dogs, brats, and all the fixin's and each member that was there brought in a side dish to share. The ladies were invited and, as the small town newspapers say in their social columns... "A good time was had by all."

After eating, we broke out the horseshoes and lawn chairs and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying each others' company and friendship.

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