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Blue Ice

Signature tag created by DymunArt™ Creations
Art © Anthony Guerra

  • Barb (Private)
    9 years ago
    agbi barbara
    Beautiful Lil!! Thank you so much. :)
  • Krystle (Private)
    9 years ago
    agbi krystle
    Ty Lil Dymun for the wonderful tag got mine safety saved.
  • Shaun Leaning (Private)
    9 years ago
    agbi shaun
    Thanks Lil!

    I know that i usually sign into my fotki; but every time i have tried today, it just shuts down my Apple Safari.


    Shaun xx
  • kk (Private)
    9 years ago
    agbi kk
    Gorgeous blue ice!!!!! Love it!!! Thanks!!!