Photos from my work as a cameraman ... since I started to upload digitally a few years ago.
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Family & Friends
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Ireland 2017
2 Albums ... Wedding and Travels
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Danielle & Peter's Irish Wedding
You can order prints ...
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2016 Racing
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2014 Racing
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2013 Racing
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2012 Racing
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2008 - Auto Cross
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2007 Solo, Solo 2, Auto Crossing Photos
Photographs by Roman and Mako. You may order prints of these photos. FOTKI does a terrific job producing TOP Notch prints from these photographs, and mailing them out quickly. Fellow Team Blew members can ask me for free copies of their photo files. I can arrange to have "at cost" prints made for them through Fotki. Team Blew member and fellow photographer Roman will be covering for me when I'm driving my own laps or otherwise not available. I will be processing his shots and they will also be available here.

Please email me at if you have questions or requests. You can ask me about larger print sizes, and even about having both soft and hard covered books made with "your" photographs.
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Auto Crossing, 2003 through 2006
Photos from various Solo/Auto Crossing Events
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International Style, Olympic Shooting
... from when I was participating in USA Shooting Olympic precision pistol shooting.
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2014 Racing
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2017 CSCC Auto Cross School
Nov 25, 2017
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Makofoto © 2018
Elizabeth and Randy's Engagement Party
Jun 2, 2018

I apologize to those of you who felt uncomfortable being photographed. I can assure you that I'm just as uncomfortable doing the photography, hiding behind the camera ...

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Makofoto © 2018
FPC Monrovia "The Song Everlasting"

Practice and Good Friday Show, March 30, 2018. Photos can be Lightened, Sharpened, De-noised. For the most part they can be Color or B&W. A few of them were shot in B&W only.

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Light Festival 3/2018

Unfortunately it got windy so that we didn't get what we were hoping for ... lamps floating directly above us. The wind quickly kept blowing the lanterns away. We didn't realize the controversy with these events, vis a vis the environment.

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