Dutch Model Truck Club
Everything related to the Members, Friends , Models, CNC Projects and more of us as the Dutch Model Truck Club (DMTC)
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Modeltruck Kits Archive.
Complete archive of Truck kits with pictures of the parts and scans of the instructions en decalsheet.
subfolders: 40
Modeltruck Kits Catalogs and Folders
Scans of the kit manufacturer catalogs and folders. Some are rather nostalgic.
subfolders: 17 and albums: 2
Modeltruck Kits News
subfolders: 13
Modeltruck Magazine Articles
Scans from various US and Euro Modelling Magazines concerning Modeltruck detailing, scratchbuilding, modifying, etc.
subfolders: 17
Modeltruck Resin Roundup
Pictures and info about the resin products which have been created for truckmodels through the years.
subfolders: 20 and albums: 2
Modeltruck Shows
Truckmodels on shows and contests from all around the World. Including the famous Jabbeke On the Road show ofcourse.
subfolders: 12
Truck and Workshop Manuals
Parts manuals, operation manuals, etc. to help you detail your modelkit.
subfolders: 4 and albums: 2
Truck Books
Info about books of trucks. Various theme's. Front Cover, Author, ISBN and other info. Some of the books are part of our collections. Most pics are downloads from the net.
albums: 32
Truck Brochures
Complete scans of original Truck brochures and folders. Some vintage, all very nice.
subfolders: 141
Truck Details and References
Specific details, photo's and ideas to help build and detail your kit.
subfolders: 16 and albums: 2
Truck Drawings
original drawings of various truckmanufacturers
subfolders: 11
Truck Exhibitions and Shows
subfolders: 4 and albums: 5
Truck Magazines
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