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Rancid Polecat Photography
Demise of my truck (ol' Blue)

Twenty-one years of exceptional maintenance laid to waste by an obtuse woman incapable of understanding her fault or apparently the full meaning of a stop sign.

These images were scanned from prints taken at the scene. The photos were taken with an expired disposable camera, and still came out okay.

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Rancid Polecat Photography
My New(er) Ride
May 18, 2009

This truck previously belonged to my departed Father-in-Law, Joe Morgreth. It's a 2001 F150 XLT Sport. I lowered it 2" in front and 4" in back with a DJM suspension kit and shocks. Along with lowering I swapped in front and rear Hellwig anti-sway bars (1 7/16" F, 1 1/8" R). Further plans include, a true dual exhaust (not just two tailpipes) with 2-chamber flowmasters, shift kit, Engine reprogramming, and some wood grain interior trim. Despite the changes, I'll always know it as "Joe's Truck."

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Rancid Polecat Photography
De-forestation Behind Our House

Around 2008 before the local real estate bubble burst, a developer bought the wooded acres that abutted our neighborhood. Starting in the summer of 2010, a builder has taken on the project to build some higher-end homes. We're now in the fourth quarter of 2012 and the last of the 17 houses in this project is going up.

While the project will result in higher values for the houses in our neighborhood and it will eliminate a marina access road that we won't miss, we'd prefer that the wildlife living in the woods not be displaced and that the pleasing view from our backyard not be changed.

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Rancid Polecat Photography
Our Project El Camino

On 03 July 2015, we bought this nearly all-original 1987 El Camino from my uncle who was the original owner. He did have the original TH200R automatic transmission swapped out for a TH350. He also had the original 305 cid engine replaced - twice. It has never been smoked in and it has never been hit.

We'll update this album as we work on it.

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Rancid Polecat Photography
Traction Bars
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Rancid Polecat Photography
Horses at Caroll County Ag Center
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