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Kings, Emperors, Presidents & Prime Ministers of Haiti.

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Ils ont tout essayé mais, nous essayons encore à constituer une nation Haitienne socialement juste et unie, économiquement libre et indépendante. Redoublons l'effort.Cet album est actif et sujet à des révisions journalières.
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Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave, (1915 - 1922)

(Courtoisie et narration de Frankie Morone)
President Sudre Dartignave was really hand picked by the Marines over Dr. Rosalvo Bobo (who was a caco leader)and J.N.Leger(because he was too patriotic). As soon he was in office he was presented with a treaty and forced to sign it.The treaty provided for U.S. control of Customs - the establisment of a Haitian Gendarmerie, an American financial advisor(who witheld for a while the salary of the legislators)and an American aid in the development of sanitation and public work.