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  • Charlie (Private)
    6 years 7 months ago
    Operculicaria decaryi
    What an incredible plant!  About six years ago I purchased an Opercularia Decaryi at a plant show held in Miami at Fairchild Gardens and it was about two and a half feet tall.  Today that same plant is in a pot that measures 22 inches across and about 24 inches deep and the plant itself is no less than 8 feet tall.  Living in southern Florida must agree with it because the next step is to find a place to put it in the ground!  It is truly stunning with small dark green leaves on long elegant branches.  Very open and airy.  During our so called winter, it looses it's leaves, but they start to reappear in April and is in full leaf by June.  One of the magical experiences of my life was noticing that the Zebra Longwings, the state butterfly of Florida nest in this tree every evening.  They start to appear in early evening before sunset and attach themselves to the delicate branches of the plant, close their wings and hang upside down for the duration of the night. There are at least ten to twelve butterflies every evening, it's like having a real version of the "Home Tree" from the movie, "Avatar" in your backyard, it's wonderful.