Major architects (1880-1920)

Arrigoni Pierro (Πιέρο Αριγκόνι)

One of the most famous italian mechanics and architects that lived and worked in Thessaloniki from the last decade of the 19th century (1892) to the first half of the 20th century. He was murdered in Thessaloniki in 18/2/1940.

He is best known for his structures of public use

-Electricity Company HQs (ca 1899, Edisson & Megalou Alexandrou Avenue, demolished),
-Hirsch Hospital (ca 1902, aka Ipokratio Hospital - Νοσοκομείο Ιπποκράτειο, Nea Egnatia street),
-italian Hospital Regina Margherita (ca 1894, aka Limodon - Νοσοκομείο Λοιμωδών Νοσημάτων, 13 G. Lambraki street),
-Military Train Station (ca 1891, Menemeni),
-Old Railway Station (ca 1909, Paleou Sidirodromikou Stathmou str.),
-Quai (Nikis Avenue),
-Tramway Company East Depot (ca 189 , Vassilissis Olgas street)

Among his structures for private use there are some eclecticistic masterpieces such as:

-Mehmet Kapanci Mansion (ca 1890, Έπαυλη Μεχμέτ Καπαντζή - νυν κτήριο MIET, 108 Vassilissis Olgas street),
-Beni Fernandez aka Hirsch Mansion (ca 1900, Έπαυλη Φερνάντεζ, 144 Vassilissis Olgas street),
-Dino Fernandez Diaz Mansion (ca 1910, aka Villa Bianca - Βίλα Μπιάνκα, 180 Vassilissis Olgas street),
-Ahmet Kapanci Mansion (ca 1893-5, Έπαυλη Αχμέτ Καπαντζή - νυν κτήριο Οργανισμου Ρυθμιστικού, 105 Vassilissis Olgas & M. Botsari str.)

He had also the tramway rails installed in Vassileos Yeoryiou street (ca1894).

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Baruch & Amar

Jake Abbott Mansion (ca 1880, after the 1890 fire it was reconstructed by the architects Barouh and Amar and housed the Ottoman Imperial Bank. In 1903 was blown up by a bulgarian terrorist group and it was reconstructed by the architect Vitaliano Poselli (1904) . Escaped the 1917 Fire with damages. After the end of WWII it housed the Social Security Foundation HQs and recently the State Conservatory, Frangon & Leondos Sofou & Tipou str.).

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Ernest Hébrard (Ερνέστ Εμπράρ)

Ernest Hébrard (1875 – 1933) was a French architect, archaeologist and urban planner. He is mostly renowned for his plan to reform the city of Thessaloniki.
After the Great Fire of 1917 Thessaloniki was largely destroyed. The Greek PM E. Venizelos forbade the reconstruction of the city center until a full modern city plan was approved. This was accomplished by the "Hébrard plan", the plan Hébrard had conceived and developed with the aid of the Greek architects Aristotelis Zahos and Konstandinos Kitsikis.
The plan swept away the oriental features of Thessaloniki while preserving its Byzantine heritage and transformed it into a European city.
Unfortunately this plan was only partially implemented (mostly in Aristotelous Square, The Markets' Axis [i.e. Bezesteni Market, Vlali Market, Vatikioti Market (aka Athonos Square], as well as in few other buildings such as the Old Town Hall, the YMCA Building etc) due to reactions of the local landowners.
Hébrard was also involved in several other projects, such as the upgrading of Casablanca, the restoration of Diocletian's palace at Split and urban planning for several towns in French Indochina, where he became head of the Indochina Architecture and Town Planning Service in 1923. His idea was to incorporate into French architecture elements of indigenous design from the colonial territories of Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos. In 1931 he returned to Paris where he died two years later.
References: Wikipedia

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Kaftandzoglou Lissandros -Καυταντζόγλου Λύσσανδρος

Ο Λύσσανδρος Καυταντζόγλου (1811 - 1885) καταγόταν από τη Θεσσαλονίκη.

- 'Αγιος Ανδρέας στην Πάτρα

- Αρσάκειο στην Αθήνα

-'Αγιος Διονύσιος των Ρωμαιοκαθολικών στην Αθήνα

- Αγία Ειρήνη στην Αθήνα

- 'Αγιος Κωνσταντίνος στην Αθήνα

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Kleanthis Stamatios - Κλεάνθης Σταμάτιος

Σταμάτιος Κλεάνθης (1802-1862). Υπήρξε λάτρης των αναγεννησιακών μορφών, τις οποίες απέδιδε με καλαισθησία και λιτότητα.

Έργα του είναι

- το πρώτο Πανεπιστήμιο (στους πρόποδες της Ακρόπολης),

- το μέγαρο της Δούκισσας της Πλακεντίας στη Λεωφόρο Βασιλίσσης Σοφίας

- ο πύργος της Δούκισσας της Πλακεντίας στην Πεντέλη και

- το Μέγαρο Θεοτόκη στην οδό Σωκράτους.

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Levi Eli Ernst ('Ερνστ Ελί Λεβί)

Bakirdzis - Dimitriadis Mansion (ca 1928-9, Plastira str., Kalamaria, demolished)

Monastirlis Syangogue (ca 1927, Singrou str.),

Stein Building (ca 1907, Venizelou & Kalapothaki str.)

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Modiano Eli (Ελί Μοδιάνο)

Eli Modiano (1881-1968)
One of the most famous architects of Thessaloniki, member of the wealthy Sephardic Modiano family, son of the banker Jacob (Yako) Modiano.
He studied architecture in Paris (Ecole Centrale) and after he returned home he was engaged in various projects both public and private.
Alessandro Manzoni School (ca 1933, currently property of the National Bank of Greece, partly demolished in 2009, Dimokratias Square),

Alliance Israelite Universelle High School (ca 1909, Aristotelous Square, demolished in 195..),

Cite Saoul (Saoul Arcade - Στοά Σαούλ, [originally built by Vitaliano Poselli (ca 1881)], partly destroyed by the 1917 Fire and partly reconstructed in 1929 by Eli Modiano),

Customs House (ca.1910, Telonio - Τελωνείο, Koundourioti & Salaminos str., currently housing the Port's Passengers Terminal),
E6 (ca 1925, 6 Ermou str.),

Harbour Warehouses (ca.1910, Αποθήκες Τελωνείου, currently housing among others the Photography Museum and the Cinematography Museum),

Hotel Luxembourg (ca. 1924, Ξενοδοχείο Λουξεμβούργο, Kalapothaki & komninon str),

Ionian & Popular Bank (ca 1925, Ionos Dragoumi & Ayiou Mina str.),

K30 (ca 1925, 30 Katoyni str.),

ATLAS Building (ca 1924, 26 Venizelou & Vassileos Irakliou str.),

Mandalidis Mansion (ca 1931, currently property of the Aristotelio University, Nikis Avenue),

Modiano Mansion (ca. 1906, Βίλα Μοδιάνο - Λαογραφικό Μουσείο, currently housing the Folk Art & Ethnology Museum, 68 Vassilissis Olgas street).

Modiano Market (ca.1922 in colaboration with Olifent, , Αγορά Μοδιάνο, Ermou & Vassileos Irakliou str., currently housing various groceries shops, bars, taverns etc),

Modiano Buildings (ca 1923, 22-24 Ermou str.)

P35 (ca 1924, 35 Ptolemeon str.)

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Peonidis Filimonas - Παιονίδης Φιλήμονας

Ayios Minas Arcade (ca 190 , Stoa Ayiou Mina - Στοά Αγίου Μηνά, Ayiou Mina & Ionos Dragoumi & Vassileos Irakliou str.),
Kazes Building (ca 1924, Κτήριο Καζές, Ayiou Mina & Ionos Dragoumi & Tsimiski str.)

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Peonidis Xenofondas - Παιονίδης Ξενοφώντας

The most famous greek architect in Thessaloniki, the official architect of the city's Greek Community for the first quarter of the 20th century.
Born in Fourka (in Halkidiki) in 1863 and died in St Anastassia Monastery (also in Halkidiki) in 1933.He was burried in Evangelistria Greek Municipal Cemetery.
Studied Architecture in Metsovio Polytechical School of Athens and then left for Germany where he pursued his studies in Munich Polytechnical School. He returned to Thessaloniki in 1892 and was soon engaged in various projects both for the Greek community and for local aristocrats.
His most important public structures are:
-Analipsi School (ca 1909, 138 Delfon str.),
-Hamidye Hospital (ca 1903, currently Ayios Dimitrios Hospital, just over Evangelistria Greek Municipal cemetery),
-Ioanidis School (ca 190 , Manoussoyanaki & Filikis Eterias str.),
-Mitropoli (Cathedral) (ca 1914, Mitropoleos & Ayias Sofias str., original plans by Ernst Ziller : revised and implemented by Peonidis),
-Papafio Orphanage House (ca 1894, Παπάφειο Ορφανοτροφείο, Papafi & Katsimidi & G. Lambraki str.)
his most famous private structures are:
-Frederic de Charnaud Mansion (ca 1899, aka Hadzilazarou / Siaga Mansion - Έπαυλη Περικλή Χατζηλαζάρου / Σιάγα, Vassilissis Olgas & Sindika str.),
-Hassan Pristine - Hafiz Bey Mansion (ca 1879, aka School for Blinds - Σχολή Τυφλών, 32 Vassilissis Olgas str.),
-Hotel Augoustos (ca 1922, Ξενοδοχείο Αύγουστος, Zvoronou & Ptolemeon str.),
-Jeborga (Salem) Mansion (ca 1878, aka Former Italian Consulate - Πρώην Ιταλικό Προξενείο, 20 Vassilissis Olgas str.), vide
-Koufas Residence (ca 1923, Diehl & Ermou str. demolished, OTE)
-Nedelkos Residence (ca 1925, Οικία Νεδέλκου, Ayias Sofias & McKensie King str.),
-Nedelkos Clinic (ca 1909, Κλινική Νεδέλκου, Egnatia & Konstandinou Paleologou str.),
-Pelossof - Amarillo - Pardo Arcade (ca 1921, aka Old Post Office - Παλιό Ταχυδρομείο, 22 Tsimiski street, next to Hirsch Arcade),
and (we can call it his masterpiece)
-Seifulah Pasha Mansion (ca 1905, aka Mordoch Mansion - Βίλα Μορδόχ, Municipal Gallery - Δημοτική Πινακοθήκη, 25 Martiou & 162 Vassilissis Olgas str.).

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Poselli Vitaliano (Βιταλιάνο Ποζέλι)

(Sicily 1838-1918)
The most famous italian architect who lived and worked in Thessaloniki in the last quarter of the 19th century.
It can easily be said that he was the official architect of the Ottoman Administration of Thessaloniki for a period of almost thirty years (1880-1910) and also one of the most prolific architects of the city.
He initially lived in Constantinople and worked for the Sultan, but after 1885 he moved to Thessaloniki where he was engaged in various projects both public and private for nearly all the religious groups of the city.

Among his structures for public use are:

Allatini Mills (ca 1896-1900, Mύλοι Αλλατίνι, 42 Papandreou & Sofouli str.),

Armenian Church of Virgin Mary (ca 1903, Αρμενική Εκκλησία της Παναγίας, 4 Dialeti str.),

Banque d' Athenes (ca 1904, Τράπεζα Αθηνών, aka Museum of the Jewish presence in Thessaloniki - Μουσείο Εβραϊκής παρουσίας, 13 Ayiou Mina str.),

Banque de Salonique (ca 1904, Τράπεζα Θεσσαλονίκης, aka Stoa Malakopi -Στοά Μαλακοπή, Singrou & Vilara str.),

Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception (ca 1897, Καθολική Εκκλησία της Αμώμου Σύλληψης της Θεοτόκου, 19 Frangon str.),

Cite Saoul (ca 1881, Saoul Arcade, Stoa Saoul - Στοά Σαούλ, Vassileos Irakliou & Venizelou & Ermou str., partly reconstructed in 1929 by Eli Modiano),

Idadiye (ca 1877-8, aka Palia Filossofiki - Παλιά Φιλοσοφική, Ethnikis Aminas street, currently housing various University Faculties),

Konak (ca 1891, Κονάκι, aka Diikitirio - Διοικητήριο, Ayiou Dimitriou str.),

Ottoman Imperial Bank (ca 1904, Οθωμανική Αυτοκρατορική Τράπεζα, aka Kratiko Odio - Kρατικό Ωδείο, Leondos Sofou & Frangon & Tipou str., currently houses the State Conservatory. Originally built for the wealthy merchant Jake Abbott, reconstructed after the 1890 fire [plans by Barouch & Amar]. rebuilt after the 1904 blow up [plans by Poselli] ),

St Paul Catholic Hospital (ca 189, Καθολικό Νοσοκομείο Αγιος Παύλος, Frangon str., demolished in the 60s),

Third Imperial Corps HQs (ca 1903, Αρχηγείο του Τρίτου Σώματος του Οθωμανικού Αυτοκρατορικού Στρατού, aka Stratiyio - Στρατηγείο, Stratou Avenue),

Yeni Camii (ca 1902, aka Yeni Jami / Palio Arheoloyiko Moussio - Γενί Τζαμί / Παλιό Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο, 30 Arheologikou Moussiou str.).

His most famous structures of private use are:

Allatini Mansion (ca 1888, Villa Allatini - Βίλα Αλλατίνι, 198 Vassilissis Olgas & Ploutonos & Papandreou str.),

Allatini Mansion in the French Quarter (ca 1874, έπαυλη Αλλατίνι στο Φραγκομαχαλά, Singrou & Valaoritou & Vilara str., reconstructed by Roubens in the 20s) and

Morpurgo Mansion (ca 1906, έπαυλη Μορπούργο, aka Villa Zardinidi - Bίλα Ζαρντινίδη,16 Heronias str.)

Among his structures that no longer exist we should mention :

Beth Saoul Synagogue (ca 1898, Saadi Alevi str., destroyed by the Nazis in 1943),

Passage Lombardo (ca 1...., Leondos Sofou & Frangon str., demolished in 1967),

Ida Mansion (ca 1886, Vassilissis Olgas & Fleming str., where the Italian Cultural Institute is today ) (demolished in 1959),

Samuel Hassid Mansion (ca 1907),

Nessimbe Appartment House

References: B. S. Kolonas – L. G. Papamattheakis, Ο αρχιτέκτονας Vitaliano Poselli: Το έργο του στη Θεσσαλονίκη του 19ου αιώνα (The architect Vitaliano Poselli: His work in the 19th century Thessaloniki), Thessaloniki 1980

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Siagas Yanis - Σιάγας Γιάννης

Chateau Mon Bonheur (ca 1890, 110 Vassilissis Olgas street),

To Chateau mon bonheur χτίστηκε για το Δημήτρη Ιωαννίδη σε παραθαλάσσιο οικόπεδο απέναντι από την εκκλησία της Αναλήψης και αποτελείτο από δύο κτίσματα, ένα διώροφο μέγαρο κι ένα καφενείο με σάλα και δωμάτια γύρω γύρω, σε σχέδια του αρχιτέκτονα Γιάννη Σιάγα. Kόστισε συνολικά 140.000 γρόσια. Τα κτήρια αυτά με τις ενετικές επάλξεις και τα συμπαγή κόκκινα τούβλα χρησιμοποιήθηκαν αργότερα από τα εκπαιδευτήρια Σχοινά ως οικοτροφείο.

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Ziller Ernst (Έρνστ Τσίλερ)

Greek Consulate (ca 1893, Ελληνικό Προξενείο, aka Macedonian Struggle Museum - Μουσείο Μακεδονικού Αγώνα, Ayias Sofias & Proksenou Koromila str.),
Greek Community High School (ca 1893, Γυμνάσιο Ελληνικης κοινότητας Θεσσαλονίκης, 132 Egnatia str.),
Mitropoli (Cathedral) (ca 1891, Μητρόπολη, Mitropoleos & Ayias Sofias str., plans revised by Xenofondas Peonidis)

Frissiras Mansion (ca 1907, Plaka)

Melas Building (ca 1874, Eolou & Sofokleous & Straight & Kratinoy str., Kodzia Square),

National Theater (ca 1895-1901, Agiou Konstantinou str, Athens)

Schliemann Mansion (ca 1878-81, Panepistimiou str.)

Stathatos Mansion (ca 1895, Vassilissis Sofias & Irodotou str.)

Town Hall (ca 1876-91, Ermoupoli, Syros)

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