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Feria de Autos 2008

Puerto Rico's biggest auto show

Feria Autos 2008

Puerto Rico's biggest Auto Show

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The 2008 auto show as seen by a 7 year old

Typical of his age, my 7 years old son (and my 6 YO daughter as well) is curious about many things we do, photography been one of them. He is working on the cub scouts art pin, and one of the requirements is to take 4 pictures of a subject of his choice. I took them today to the auto show and he had the opportunity. I gave him one of the cameras with the following rules:
- NEVER EVER take it off your neck
- Don't hit anything (or anybody) with the camera
- Do NOT touch the cars
- The rest is up to you. You choose what to photograph and you are responsible for the camera.

My wife and I thought he was going to take a few pictures and give the camera back, but to our surprise, he took off like a missile!
He put his cap backwards (like I do) and went on. He was talking to people, he was allowed inside the ropes several times and at one point they were sitting in the rumble seat of a Model A talking to the gracious owner who allowed them! He was on a mission! He used up to the very last milli-volt of the camera batteries. At the end, he took 92 pictures from cars to airplanes flying overhead. Having the batteries not die, he would have gotten many more.
The girl wanted a piece of the action as well so she took a few pics as well. Look for purple or pink cars
I have created a monster!

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